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Come here if you’re suffering from any internal ailments

Come here if you want to know about alternative medicine you need for your health as this article looks at how we can maximize the uses of cow urine.


1. SPRINKLE cow urine in front of your doorstep to drive away demons.

2. SPRINKLE cow urine in the four corners of your room to make it totally cleansed.

3. Take a very sick person whom doctors can’t diagnose their sickness to a virgin cow, let the person drink half a cup of the urine for a week in three days intervals.

4. For chronic and incurable diseases, cow urine is the answer, eg. HIV/AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, fibroids .

.Follow step 3 for 3months in 2 months intervals.

5. Burn dry cow dung at home to repel witches.

6. For people who always complain of consistent severe headache but doctors can’t diagnose, put your left pinky finger in fresh cow dung and draw a straight line from top to down on their forehead.

7. For flawless skin bath with cow dung mixed with your soap. It also kills all bacteria. Best for all kinds of skin rashes and infections.

8. Mix cow dung and aches to bathe children whose behavior are considered to be stubborn.

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