My Husband Gave Me Permission to See Other Men, Has Not Touched Me for 23 Years

Shocking Story: My Husband Hasn’t Touched me for 23 Years, Gave me Permission to See Other Men, Woman Says in New Video

A married woman named Peninah Kyalo’s second marriage was to the man of her dreams in every possible way

Peninah’s husband who is also a military man, however, took a drastic turn for the worst after she gave birth to their

firstborn son It is now 23 years since he got intimate with her, and he went ahead to give her permission to see other men.

The Man of Her Dreams

It did not take long before the two moved in together and in 1993 she got pregnant with her son.

“He was such a nice man. Seeing that I was expectant, he would help me do the laundry. He had such a beautiful heart.”

Her good days would not last long as she got to a point she couldn’t move around as much and preferred staying indoors.

A Turn For Worse

Afterwards, her husband started getting into an entanglement with one of the ladies they had been friends with for

years, and whom she viewed as a sister.

Someone came and informed me to be on the lookout because my namesake was making moves on my man behind

my back.”

Things moved from bad and worse after she gave birth as Peninah noticed that her husband either sneaked into the

house and left when she was away, or avoided getting intimate with her.

When she got tired of the long wait and confronted him, he disclosed to the mother of one that as much as she was a

beautiful woman, he no longer felt romantic urges towards her.

“The few times we got intimate he would forget and refer to by another woman’s name, especially Nyambura.”

What made it difficult for her was the fact that she could not find a friend to confide in because history had shown her

that the very friends leveraged such secrets to get close to her husband.

Beyond Redemption

Peninah knew that her love life was beyond salvaging when the father of her child gave her permission to go out with other men.

“He told me to get intimate with whoever I wanted and he would never stand in my way.”

She advises people who are in unhappy marriages to speak up about their problems.

By Cynthia N.

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