South Africa's Johannesburg welcomes Mpho Phalatse its first-ever female Mayor.

Mpho Phalatse becomes the first-ever female Mayor in the city of Johannesburg, in South Africa.

Johannesburg has elected its first woman Mayor, Dr. Mpho Phalatse, whose plans include an R20 billion (K1 trillion) investment in the city’s road network.

Phalatse of Democratic Alliance (DA) won the mayoral position on Monday during elections in which she got 144 votes. ANC candidate Mpho Moerane came second with 121 votes.

She has been a councilor since 2016, plans to fix Johannesburg’s public services which have been affected over the years by political instability and recently the Covid-19.

The newly elected mayor is a medical doctor by profession. Johannesburg residents say it’s a relief to have someone of her caliber as part of the city’s leadership.

“I’m very happy about the new mayor and that she is female. I also do believe that we need more female leaders because women are all about order. There will be more order than there was under the rulership of males. We were not happy with the rulership of males even though I’m a male.”

Mayor Phalatse this week said the City of Johannesburg needs stability while prioritizing delivering basic services.

“A female leader might treat us well. We want women to lead and run the country. We need her to focus on roads and bring water to our townships. She must come see how we live “

Johannesburg this year experienced the death of two of its mayors. The most recent Mayor, Mpho Moerane served in the position for only two months before being replaced by Phalatse this week.

By Taiyelolu A

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