Talented Nigerian Teen who Built Motorbike that looks Like Helicopter, Machines Gets Scholarship

Talented 20-Year-Old Nigerian who Built Motorbike that looks Like Helicopter, Machines Gets Scholarship

Kenneth Akobundu, a talented Nigerian teen has recently got a scholarship gift. The young lad had built numerous

impressive machines and automobiles as a motorbike that looks like a helicopter,

remote-controlled toy cars amongst others.

However, the young lad who had built several automobiles including a motorbike that looks like a helicopter, gets a

scholarship gift. The teen, Kenneth Akobunde caught the eye of an Imo-based philanthropist

who took interest in him and also

has decided to help fulfill his dreams. The philanthropist who was formerly a governorship candidate in the state quotes

“young Kenneth has a destiny to be great and I want to be a part of his success”.

Kenneth will now get to pursue his dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer, thanks to a former Imo State Chief of

Staff, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu.

In addition, according to one of his aides, Darlington Flowrymz Ibekwe who made the announcement on Facebook, his principal

came across social media videos capturing the 20-year-old’s talents and therefore took interest in him.

The search for Kenneth

A search was launched for the lad and however, they found him. Kenneth’s home in Umuezeala, Ehime Mbano, Imo State was

located and contact was established with his parents. In addition, Nwosu who is the President of Ugwumba Centre for Leadership

Development in Africa (UCLDA) promised to support his future aspiration to ensure he imparts the world with his

technical talents.

Nwosu’s Comment

Nwosu said: “I have therefore taken it upon myself to train him in the university and ensure he imparts his world with

his technical knowhow. Such talent is rarely and in a world where science and technology rules, Kenneth is destined for


Social media users were full of praises for Nwosu as they commended his effort.

Anyanwu Justice remarked: “Kudos to UUN, congratulations to the benefactor.”

Raymond Ejikemeuwa said: “Do you think tomorrow the family will ever forget Hon. Uche Nwosu ? Your guess is as

good as mine! “Ugwumba is an asset. Someone who believes in human capital development.

Nnamdi Onyeche commented: “Weldone young Blood. Weldone Mr Ugwumba Uche Nwosu.”

By Cynthia N.

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