Man With 43 Wives and Over 200 Children Discovered, Female Kids are Not Counted

A man who was simply identified as Nana has been found to have over 200 children with his 43 wives in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

According to the report, the village is a 13-hour drive from Accra and that is the residence of the children

and family at large.

Although the man himself was not present, his spokesperson indicates that the estimation

of wives and kids was below the real figure.

Upon the arrival of the reporter, a man who in all believe is the village town crier climbs atop one of

the houses and announced their presence, calling on everyone to come out and assemble.

According to him, the female children of the polygamous man are usually out of counting because once

they get married, they leave to be with their husbands.

Tenzuku natives reportedly everywhere

He also suggested that there is hardly any location in Ghana that an indigene of Tenzuku cannot be found,

as many have traveled to different parts of the country.

The man also asserted that the entire family lives peacefully, eats from one another, and serves as watchmen

and women over one another’s children, despite their large number.

They further disclosed that they worship a god called Nana Tongor which watches over all indigenes of

the village and grants them their heart desires.

It is alleged that every politician who seeks to be president or member of parliament goes there to seek

the blessing of the Nana Tongor.

By Taiyelolu A

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