The different types of peppers we have in Nigeria

The different types of peppers we have in Nigeria

We use these peppers in most of our delicacies but do you know your peppers?

Check out the different types of peppers we have in Nigeria.

Peppers are staple ingredients in the preparation of most Nigerian meals. See the most common peppers used in Nigeria.

This is the regular pepper we use in Nigeria. It also consists of yellow pepper. Though most Scotch bonnets have a heat

rating of 80,000–400,000 Scoville units.

Bell peppers are less pungent than ata rodo and are used to add colour to food. They come in red, yellow, orange and

also green. The green bell pepper is also popularly known as green pepper.

The use of Piri piri is to make the dry pepper that Nigerians grind. However, most piri piri have a heat rating of 50,000–175,000 units.

The Cayenne peppers are smaller chili peppers that are used to add some spice to the meal. They also rates 30,000 to 50,000

Cameroon pepper is a more African aromatic pepper that is usually dried and grounded. It is also very spicy and pungent and usually used in small quantities.

By Victoria E.I

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