The Federal Government - COVID-19: 1.6 million Nigerians have been fully vaccinated.

The federal government reveals that over a million Nigerians have received full vaccination against COVID-19.

Executive Director, National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), Dr. Faisal Shuaib made the announcement during the national briefing of the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC), on Monday, September 13.

Shuaib said that while 1,692,315 persons have received two doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines 

as approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), as of Monday evening September 13, 4,052,756

eligible Nigerians have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccines.

He said; 

“This is made up of 2,645,020 persons with the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine and 1,407,736 persons with

the first dose of Moderna vaccine. A total of 1,692,315 eligible persons are fully vaccinated and we currently

have a national average of 70.4 percent utilization of the 2,000,040 doses of modern vaccines we received.”

However, The NPHCDA Chairman who reveals that states are not to exceed their 50 percent utilization rates

for Moderna vaccines in order to reserve for the second doses for all those already vaccinated, added that 

most states have reached this percentage, and priority is now to focus on administering AstraZeneca

vaccine as first dose vaccine in all states across the country.

Shuaib further added; 

“The list of vaccination sites across the country is also available on the NPHCDA website

Eligible persons who are unable to register by themselves can go to any designated health facility

where he/she will be assisted by our vaccination team.”

He also said that health workers who are forcing Nigerians to pay for the vaccination directly or indirectly

will undergo prosecution. 

Furthermore, Shuaib said; 

They receive reports of people trying to procure cards from health workers, these reports are undergoing investigation

and anyone found wanting would face prosecution. It is important to emphasize that it is in the interest of public safety

and collective well-being of Nigerians that the Federal Government has made available these vaccines free

for all eligible persons.”

By Taiyelolu A

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