The roadmap to political peace and sanity in Nigeria is embracing the concept of Volunteerism.
It was not a coincidence that after emerging the National Coordinator, APC National Volunteers Group,

Mr. Victor Walsh Oluwafemi, an international trainer, and entrepreneur has once again reiterated the essence and

importance of adopting in the Nigerian’s political space the concept of “Volunteerism” as inevitable in discouraging

the evil twins of “Vote buying” and what the irrepressible Nigerian press often refer to as “Cash and Carry politics”.
This call becomes urgent and necessary as Nigeria again prepares for another round of elections in 2023;

for the sake of clarity the concept of volunteers in this context is a group of people like the APC Volunteers coming

together or working for the interest of the party as a social responsibility; rather than for any financial reward or inducement.
The APC Volunteers Group formed in 2014 even before the APC became the political party in power was fashioned

along with older democracies like in the US, UK, and elsewhere where the idea of volunteerism is highly encouraged

to promote a party’s ideology, mobilization through the door to door campaigns and other paraphernalia of western party democracy.

Volunteerism can also be seen as the policy or practice of volunteering one’s time or talents for charitable,

educational, or worthwhile activities.

Furthermore on Volunteerism

The wrong notion to “commodify” politics in Nigeria as a product that can be bought on and off the shelf or

negotiated at will has lowered the standard of democratic practices in Nigeria and has engendered the culture

of corruption, inducement, thuggery, and other attendant evils often associated with politics in Nigeria.
It is in the light of the foregoing the APC Volunteers group came up to checkmate or rather emerged to fill

the existing gap in making party politics voluntary and fun rather than the current pain it often inflicts on the society

all in the name of “Supporting” one candidate or party against the other; and with the escalating insecurity, banditry,

kidnapping violent armed robbers and other criminalities, the Nigeria political space can hardly accommodate

the mushrooming of supporters groups whose emergence, will furthermore escalate or heat up the polity to a boiling point.
Therefore, the roadmap to political peace and sanity in Nigeria is embracing the concept of Volunteerism as

a safety valve and alternative to the present chaos and disorderliness in our body politics.

The APC Volunteers group under its new National Coordinator Victor Walsh Oluwafemi has therefore appealed to

youths in Nigeria to embrace Volunteerism as a way of making themselves relevant and having a platform to organize,

mobilize for a national rebirth where monetary inducement no longer play the role of rubbishing the noble culture

of party democracy.

The National Coordinator, further quipped that it is the only way to ensure that the culture of democracy does not

die in our hands and for Nigeria to earn its respect among the comity of nations.

Victor Walsh Oluwafemi,
National Coordinator

By Taiyelolu A

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