SON reads riot act to steel manufacturers on standards compliance

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) notes a warning to steel manufacturers to calibrate the usage of their equipment for the production of steel rods and reinforcement bars or the agency will be forcing them out of business.

The Director-General, SON, Mallam Farouk Salim, said it is not business as usual, as the agency will also ensure the calibration of the usage of all equipment in measuring various parameters in the country.

However, The SON boss stated this at a stakeholders’ forum with the Steel Manufacturers Association of Nigeria recently. He stated

that SON has acquired the latest measuring instruments to ensure compliance with standards, pointing out that

the standards body is fully equipped to carry out calibration of the equipment used in the steel industry, maritime,

oil and gas other industries.

Salim further said all the weighbridges; the universal textile machines must be calibrated to achieve equity in the business

while also ensuring that products do not fall short of the requirements of the standards.

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The Director, National Metrology Institute (NMI), SON, Bede Obayi in his remarks said the institute represents Nigeria

in all matters of metrology, stating that the highest accuracy standard of measurement in Nigeria is traceable to NMI.

He also added: “Metrology ensures that all the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) for Nigeria’s economic development

stands which mean that for every component for infrastructural development projects to stand, measurement must

be accurate, traceable to the highest level of measurement instruments in Nigeria, and these are stored in the institute.”

Furthermore, He noted that the NMI has the capacity to handle such measurements in the areas of mass and related quantities

such as pressure, volume, temperature, metrology in chemistry, electrical measurements, dimensions, lengths,

and all the other parameters that can help Nigeria achieve economic development.

Also, Highlighting some of the economic benefits of metrology, he said metrology facilitates transactions in trade

and commerce serves as a pillar for the development of science helps in the determination of major physical

and chemical constants and bring about the development of technology to a nation and promotes mass

production in industries.

He also said that it serves as a catalyst for compliance monitoring and control of substandard products in a nation

and its acceptance is general that there is a direct relationship between the accurate measurement capability

and industrial development of a country.

By Taiyelolu A

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