Tiwa Savage lost her pregnancy, the Queen of Nigeria music and mother of one lost her baby with her new lover

The last time the pregnancy was there was just before her cosmetic surgery. [100% authentic not even a drop of water to dilute lol]

Tiwa WAS pregnant for Obama but she is no longer pregnant

The two lovebirds are being more careful now as Tiwa doesn’t want any child born out of wedlock.

Both Tiwa and Obama have a son each. With Obama’s son being the older one. So there is no pressure from any of them to want to have a child now.

The diva obviously took everyone by suprise by keeping her love life very private, One would have expected them to be loud as her alleged affair with Wizkid.

However her display of maturity this time around was quite commendable by alot of her fan, though it came as a shock, but trust me it is a pleasant suprise as she has gotten so many positive comments and good wishes in her new relationship

The black diva looking sparkling as always, obviously didn’t experience any Pre-natal or post-natal body changes as she is still looking well trimmed, beautiful and dazzling.

Strangely how one could find love in the weirdest places they say, we are glad the musical queen has found love again

Owambe loading…

We are not looking forward to any baby from this duo as they are not having one out of wedlock.

This implies that we can look forward to Owambe as they might suprise us with tying of the knot awwnnnn

Love is truly a beautiful thing, the duo are still couple, happy and still together

Obama is currently giving all the supports she needs to get over the hurt of their loss

They are both happy. We wish them well.

Tiwa Savage lost her pregnancy

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