Jeff Bezos will be stepping down from this role as the CEO of Amazon, making way for Andy Jassy to take over the position. Here is a look at what the renowned entrepreneur has established over the years and what we can learn from it.

Ask about the life goals of any working individual, and chances are they would have a bucket list to pursue post-

retirement. The common thought process is fueled by the desire to reap your harvest, usually with an easy life after

years of struggle. It can only be imagined how rewarding the process will be if your struggle resulted in the world’s

most valuable company and you being the richest person in the world.

That is a sentiment that Jeff Bezos is going to experience very soon. After spending a total of twenty-seven years at the

helm of one of the most diversified companies on Earth, Bezos is ready to step down from his post as the CEO of

Amazon, making way for Andy Jassy to fill in his shoes.

Note that Bezos will not entirely be off Amazon’s files. He will continue to remain Amazon’s largest shareholder and

will serve as the executive chairman of the company. He won’t indulge in the everyday working of the firm. He instead

plans to focus on initiatives like the Day 1 Fund, the Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin and his other passions.

Trip to Space

The most immediate one would be a trip to space with his brother Mark. Scheduled for July 20, Bezos will be on the

first flight aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard space capsule, likely becoming the first billionaire to travel to space.

Setting such records, it is highly unlikely that Bezos will miss his busy office days back on Earth.

Still, Bezos’ decision marks the end of an era that saw a persisting entrepreneur reach heights of a business that were

unimagined before. The world was a testimony to his rise, as an online bookstore managed from the garage of a

rented home in Seattle became the world’s biggest online marketplace in about three decades.

It wasn’t just the e-commerce that made Amazon the behemoth it is today. The one factor that always differentiated

the company from any other in its line of business was its pursuit of innovation, especially in the field of technology.

This was more of a virtue of Bezos than that of the company.

Now Bezos’ is not really considered a tech genius at par with the likes of Elon Musk. However, his success story tells us

that Bezos made up for this with his vision for the world around him. He started Amazon because he wanted to do

away with the brick-and-mortar retail of books. He started Blue Origin to take humanity to space and beyond. The

goals changed with time, but his principles remained intact.

Jeff Bezos also practised a bias for action. As Dan Rose, an ex-Amazon executive pointed out in a recent tweet, Bezos

Jeff’s Actions

might not always be right, “but he was always ready to act.” Rose mentioned how in 2004, Bezos decided to acquire

Mobipocket as a DRM solution for Kindle as soon as he heard about the company.

Then there were several defining moments for Amazon over the years that reflected the ideology of Bezos. Amazon

Kindle, a blockbuster product for the company, showed how Bezos was ready to try technology as the way to

revolutionise life as we know it. The company’s steps into several industries over the years proved the same.

Amazon Web Services, for instance, proved to be an important pivoting point for the company during its early years.

Since its inception in 2006, the service has enabled Amazon’s retail partners to maintain their online presence. In short,

Amazon did not only envision creating a marketplace, and it worked to bring the world on it.

By Cynthia N.

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