Making Money on YouTube Just Got Much Harder

Top Five Richest YouTubers and what they create

With 1,300,000,000 daily users, YouTube offers instant access to one of the largest audiences on the Internet to all

video content producers. The best part is, that you can create your own channel for free and also start uploading

videos today.

However, it is worth noting that success doesn’t come overnight and all of the highest-paid YouTubers had to work

hard to get to where they are now. Another fascinating fact is that most of the people frequently mentioned in these

discussions are under 30 years old. So let’s have a look at the top five richest YouTubers in 2021.

  1. Daniel Middleton (YouTube Channel: DanTDM)

Earnings: $16.5 million

Subscribers: 21 million

Who said that gaming is a waste of time? Currently, the richest man on YouTube has made his fortune on Minecraft videos, although Daniel Middleton, the owner of the most profitable channel on YouTube has also had quite a bit of success outside of the platform.

Daniel is from the United Kingdom and this British guy who was born in 1991 has published several comic books and starred in a number of TV shows (such as Skylanders Academy) and a YouTube Red Series, but the majority of his income still comes from the views he gets on his Minecraft videos, including gaming sponsorships and merchandise. He even has a second channel called MoreTDM though which was not active in recent years.

2. Evan Fong ((YouTube Channel: VanossGaming)

Earnings: $15.5 million

Subscribers: 24 million

Despite having 4 million more subscribers than the DanTDM channel, Evan Fong’s fortune is currently a million short of being the largest among YouTubers. Fong’s videos don’t necessarily cover a single gaming genre, and they are also highly praised for their distinctive video editing style.

In 2015 Evan worked as a creative director on a video game titled the Dead Realm and he also co-authored a computer-animated series called Paranormal Action Squad. The VanossGaming channel was created in September 2011 and in the last seven years, it has attracted 9.3 billion views. Evan also runs a music Youtube channel, but it isn’t nearly as popular as his gaming channel. Oh, Evan was born in 1992 in Canada, he is even younger than Daniel.

3. Dude Perfect

Earnings: $14 million

Subscribers: 43 million

The Dude Perfect group has 5 members, and the Cotton twins Cory and Coby are the core of this team, but their three high school friends have been a part of the project from the beginning. Besides running one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube the Dude Perfect crew also has their own mobile app just named Dude Perfect which is available on iOS and Android. And they have also built a partnership with Nickelodeon and have a TV show called The Dude Perfect Show.

Most of their YouTube videos are centered around sports activities and they all contain elements of comedy that have significantly contributed to the popularity of the Dude Perfect YouTube channel, and most of their videos are sponsored. The fact that their videos often feature professional athletes and celebrities such as Tyreke Evans, Johnny Manziel, or Tim McGraw also contributed to the swift success of the crew.

 4. Logan Paul

Earnings: $12.5 million

Subscribers: 19 million

The vlogger who caught the public eye with the recent Japanese suicide incident hasn’t lost much of his YouTube subscribers despite his controversial behavior. As a matter of fact, his popularity seems to be on the rise at the moment since his videos got over 3 billion views in the three years since he started his YouTube channel. However, this may only be a fluke and his popularity may plummet if he continues to produce shocking but mediocre videos.

His daredevil style has launched this 22-year old to YouTube stardom, but as time passes it will be hard for Logan to maintain this level of success.

 5. Jake Paul

Earnings: $11.5 million

Subscribers: 19 million

Jake Paul is Logan Paul’s younger brother, who is an actor, a musician, and also a YouTube video producer who first gained recognition on Vine. He’s been on YouTube since 2013, and in the subsequent years, videos on his channel collected over 4 billion views.

His song ‘It’s Everyday Bro’ was released on May 30. 2017 had 70 million views in a single month, but it later went on to become the third most disliked video on YouTube. Jake is only 22 and if he manages to avoid scandals and also controversy he may stay among the richest YouTubers for the years to come.

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