The building and commissioning of Zobe Dam were 38 years ago, but the water plant, meant to supply the needs of major towns in Katsina has remained fallow for three decades until now.

Lack of funding, poor government policies of implementations, lack of commitments, and corruption,

among others, contributed to delaying the project, putting people of the statement through enormous hardship.

After 38 years, there is still an under-utilization of the mighty dam that has 179Mca storage capacity, and irrigation potential of 10,000 hectares. In the month of May 2020 under the APC administration, came the proper finishing and commissioning of the water supply project, with machines and laboratory, fully equipped with modern apparatus.

Making it one of the best water treatment plants in Nigeria. With 24 hours of work, and pump at least 45,000,000 liters

to Dustin-ma and Katsina city daily.

According to the report, Zobe dam could also produce electricity; the designation of the scheme is to operate with two turbines; turbine T1 to operate all year round to take account of the irrigation need downstream,

The second turbine T2 will operate on a spill discharge, and to be available for four months with a generation capacity of 0.969 MW. The expectation of T1 is to discharge 55,500,000m3 within six months to cater to irrigation need with

an average discharge rate of 3.6m3 /s. it was found that the dam has the potential to generate a minimum of 0.671MW

all year round and a maximum of 1.5MW of power during the Peak discharge period. The scheme was designed

with minimum modification of the existing infrastructure at the site which translates to minimum cost implication

in construction, system operation, and maintenance.

By Taiyelolu A and Monica E

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