Twitter Ban: ECOWAS Court Gives Federal Government 30 Days To File Defence

Twitter Ban: ECOWAS Court Gives Federal Government 30 Days To File Defence

President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has 30 days, said the ECOWAS Community Court of

Justice, to file defence in a suit filed by a human rights lawyer, Ihensekhien Samuel.

The human rights lawyer had filed the suit on behalf of the President of One Love Foundation, Patrick Eholor.

The lawsuit is challenging the decision of the Nigerian Government to suspend the operation of Twitter in the country.

The lawyer had, on June 8, 2021, dragged the federal government before the ECOWAS court in a suit number:

ECW/CCJ/APP/24/21 in Abuja, seeking a declaration for the reversal of the suspension and the actions of the Nigerian

government in arbitrarily enforcing the banning of Twitter usage.

In a notice of registration, the court ordered the Nigerian Government (Respondent) to file a defence within 30 days

after service of the application.

The notice read, “Notice is now given that an application between Patrick Eholor and the Federal Republic of Nigeria was

lodged by the applicant and registered by the court on June 9 2021.”

“You are required to lodge a defence within thirty ( 30 ) days after service of this application on you and take note that in

default of your so doing, the applicant may proceed therein, and judgement may be given in your absence.”

The lawyer is also seeking the sum of 100million dollars being all damages and inconvenience suffered by his

organization members and Nigerians in general due to the ban of Twitter.

By Cynthia N.

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