Upcoming Village Rat

Michelle in recent times has shown her displeasure at Borbisky and has come out to condemn him for attacking their colleague, James Brown.

”What is dis.. Is dis not someone father trying to hustle by wearing wig and painting face. Let advice dis person to change his phone first. Now let talk about his wig who is d hair vendor, what happen to his man lip. Lastly from those big finger your will know he is an old man.”he wrote

”Dis messages is for those crackheads trying to be like bobrisky. World has only one bobrisky !!!!!!!! I promise I will never let anyone of u known. Since you all wanna be stupid I will be here sitting on your glory. Non of you will shine till I RETIRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget I’m d MOST CONTROVERSIAL IN AFRICA. Una don jam”

Photo speaks

This fight that began in solidarity with a newbie cross dresser James brown seem to be an unending one between Bob and Michelle.

The Newbie has however chilled out while allowing the two adults fight as he trends even more with their beef over him.

He has also displayed a high level of maturity by his display to total silence after setting the stage on fire

Upcoming Village Rat

By Onome F.E

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