Vacheron Constantin Opens Its New North American Flagship in New York City

As has been hotly anticipated for some time, Vacheron Constantin will be opening its new North American flagship boutique this week in New York City. The boutique presents itself as much more than a simple retailer — more like the most comprehensive immersion into the brand you’ll find outside of its base in Switzerland — and pays tribute to the maison’s deep roots in the United States and commitment to outstanding client service. The flagship, according to Louis Ferla, Chief Executive Officer for the brand, exemplifies Vacheron Constantin’s “dedication to excellence and [to] our motto, ‘Do Better if Possible, and That is Always Possible.’”

According to Vacheron Constantin, the choice of New York is particularly symbolic. In 1831, Jacques Barthélémi

Vacheron, founder of the brand, wrote a letter stating his intent to expand business to the United States, and in 1832

the company established its first operations in New York. At the turn of the century, Vacheron Constantin watches were

owned by many of the city’s leading citizens, including the Rockefeller family, Henry and William James, automobile

magnate James Ward Packard, and actors Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor, among others.


Vacheron Constantin Opens Its New North American Flagship in New York City

As a result of the longstanding connections with the city through the years, Vacheron went on to develop many North

America-exclusive timepieces, most notably the “American 1921” whose 100th anniversary the brand celebrates this

year and which serves as a central exhibition at the New York flagship upon its opening. Earlier this year, Vacheron

Constantin also introduced a white-gold version of the watch to its Historiques collection, and this past month

the manufacture unveiled a pièce unique modeled after the 1921 original, both models set to be on display at the

boutique as part of the celebration.

American 1921 Unique Piece Historique Restoration Restoration Calibre 1921 Making-of 100th anniversary

Located just two blocks south of Central Park, the new Vacheron Constantin Flagship spans more than 4,500 square

feet and covers two floors, the entire space hosting striking design inspired by both modern luxury and 19th-century

architecture. The space also features a distinctive glass façade opening directly onto 57th Street with a sleek brass-

toned design in the shape of the Maison’s emblem, the Maltese Cross, marking the entrance. The flagship will contain a

number of immersive, rotating exhibitions like that dedicated to the American 1921, in addition to a VIP lounge, an in-

house watchmaker, and, naturally, plenty of watches on display for purveying and purchase.

The new Vacheron Constantin Boutique will also hold a soft opening on June 14th, with plans for series of grand opening events come the fall. It is located at 28 East 57th Street in Manhattan, in between Madison and Park Avenues.

By Victoria E.I

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