Warri Kingdom Royal Coronation is indeed set for Saturday

The Warri Kingdom bustles with activities in the eventful days counting down to Saturday, 21st of August 2021, when Omoba Emiko Tsola, the Olu Designate, becomes the 21st Olu of the Warri Kingdom.

So, as the historical event draws near, eye-witnesses describe the intensive preparations in the city, all the way from the Warri Mainland right to the coronation site at Ode-Itsekiri Island.

There are exciting conversations regarding the attractive renovations, heavily-branded streets, and exquisitely

decorated edifices. Airport shuttles can be observed plying to and from fully-booked hotels that are

packed with guests from near and far.

However, Coming off the heels of Prince Tsola Emiko recently completing his Idaniken Rite of Seclusion,

indigenes are anticipating their 21st Olu. Locals and noblemen alike recognize the epoch-making nature of

Saturday’s upcoming coronation and its statutory role towards generating harmony and unity both within

The Warri Kingdom and its immediate environs. 

Speaking on the new Olu of Warri

The Prime Regent of Warri Kingdom,  Prince Emmanuel Okotiebo spoke enthusiastically of the good fortune set

to accompany Omoba Emiko’s coronation as the Olu of Warri. 

“From that 21st upwards, it is a new beginning in Delta State and Itsekiri Land. More progress and love.”

Furthermore, The schedule for the Royal Coronation Ceremony has been published following an announcement by

the Warri Council of Kingmakers. Meanwhile, the central planning committee is working tirelessly to

accommodate the high caliber of guests set to grace the event. 

Also, speaking on behalf of the Council of Chiefs, Dr Eugene Ikomi, the Secretary of Warri Council of Chiefs,

gave an update regarding preparations for the coronation, further stating that “A visit to the coronation site shows

very clearly that we are on course. The amphitheater is almost complete and the city itself is agog

with activities. Certainly, 21st of August, 2021 is sacrosanct.”

Dating back to 1480, when the Kingdom was founded, Warri has had a diverse lineage of royals.

Finally, A powerful new generation has now come of age, and Itsekiri indigenes strongly believe that Prince Emiko’s reign

heralds a new dawn.

By Taiyelolu A

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