What is the most effective method for breast enlargement?

The market is saturated with pictures driving the message that women breasts can be made bigger but is this possible?

There are different methods marketed as being able to give women bigger breasts, but how effective are these methods?

The perfect breast does not exist. However when it comes to most popularised image of perfect breasts, it is a C cup size.

A C cup breast is neither small nor big. It is also well rounded like an orange.

This is what most women want to get.

The many methods adopted by women to increase the size of breasts are;

  1. Cosmetic surgery
  2. Exercise
  3. Pills
  4. Creams

It is quite expensive. This is a sure way to increase one’s breasts size but be careful when choosing a hospital or doctor so as not to have a botched surgery.

Exercise has some benefits. A better posture can give the impression of bigger breasts.

Exercise can strengthen the muscles around the chest and inversely increase muscle size.

But according to a Nigerian doctor resident in Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Abdullahi, exercise can not give larger breasts.

Breast enlargement pills

Breast enlargement pills have almost the same effect as birth control pills because they increase the production of estrogen in the female body.

Estrogen causes water to be retained in the breasts and gives a fuller breast.

Breast enlargement pills have not been tested to be safe, but this does not stop women from buying and using them.

There are some risks. There are links between using such drugs and uterine cancer because taking extra estrogen should be balanced with progesterone and most times it is not balanced in breast enlargement pills.

The most common method to have bigger breasts in Nigeria are breast enlargement creams.

But Dr. Abdullahi, a Nigerian that spoke to me about this topic said this method does not work.

No, you cannot have a bigger breasts from pills and creams. There is no drug or cream that has been designed to do that, the best bet would be surgery.”

According to the US Food and Drug Administration; “there is no device or system that will increase the size of the breasts.”

” At best, devices promoted as breast developers merely strengthen and develop the muscles that support the breasts and exercising these muscles will not increase the breast size.”

Here is what Lino Cosmetic Surgery UK had to say’

“There is no exact science behind breast enlargement pills working to increase the size of your breasts, even though they do increase the levels of estrogen in the body.”

“There is even less of a chance that creams will work, as they mostly affect the exterior of the body and breasts.”

“Some reportedly have had success using them, but it would seem to be more of a psychological benefit than anything.”

Breasts can get bigger by natural means. Gaining a lot of weight can also cause the breasts to be bigger. Childbirth and breast feeding is also associated with bigger breasts.

The biggest scam from all indication appears to be creams that propose to make breasts bigger.

By Victoria E.I

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