Zimbabwe Denies Plan To Export Live Elephants To Other Countries

Zimbabwe, known for its exotic wildlife and animal reserves has denied reports that it plans to be exporting live elephants to other countries for money.

So, Experts believe Zimbabwe and neighboring Botswana could be home to about half of Africa’s 400,000 elephants.

According to Zimbabwe’s wildlife authority, doing so will be going against the advice of conservation groups.

However, Releasing a statement on Wednesday, August 4, the Wildlife authority said that allegations by some NGOs

that the process of capturing the animals had begun were “speculative and baseless”.

“Zimbabwe is not considering any live African elephant exports and the country has not processed any

export trade permits since 2019,” the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) said.

Its spokesman Tinashe Farawo also said they were not planning to capture elephants “now or in the near future”

– noting that the authority was recently collaring the animals to monitor their movements.

“These are people trying to seek relevance. In President [Emmerson] Mnangagwa’s address he put those people

on notice. They are people who are bent on saying a lot of negatives. And they must prove that this is what

we are doing… Therefore, The fact remains – we are not capturing any elephants for export. Nothing of that sort is happening.

They must bring the evidence,” Farawo said.

Finally, According to Tinashe, human-elephant conflicts had claimed dozens of lives, and that Zimparks was exploring

new ways to end the problem.

By Taiyelolu A

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