During his interview with BBC Pidgin – Zlatan Ibile also known as ‘Zanku Master’ says “before fame things were hard for him from being a bricklayer, to cutting grass at people’s foundation, working at cold room, playing gamble at game centers to enable him feed.

He also states that during those days he would go for shows and would not be allowed to perform, even submit his CD and when its time for him to perform the DJ will not be able to find his CD again and even when allowed to perform, after his first chorus he would be told time up.

It was his schooling that helped him later on, even when he did not gain admission on time. After his first 2months in school, before his 1st semester exams in school, a competition came up which was about if you have any talent, buy a sim card for #50 and if you make it to the finals, you will win a car. After hearing that he told his friends of the different stunts of buy and win promo and you end up not winning anything, so he had his doubts about the competition. But, a friend purchased the sim card and gave him the form to fill which he did and submitted reluctantly. Eventually he won the car.

After winning the car, he realized that his talent that he jokes with is something that can make him better in life. Being the first to own a brand new car in his family gave him hope to strive hard to be the best. Even after winning the car he was still not famous for 3 years so he used the car for cab at the period.

He says “if I am the President of this country I would own a farm because it generates lots of profit even in different countries, I would also embezzle funds because that is what our President and Governors do. I would also make positive changes in the country, but as I do that I would also embezzle funds, I am only saying the truth, it would not be fair if I lie”.

With all his achievement he is grateful to God for everything He has done.

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